Teegan Horat

Teegan Horat is a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on jewellery and object making. Her works are often introspective and contemplative, while utilising found and recycled materials.


Growing, Changing

Always growing, always changing.
Growing like the world around me, changing like the sky above.
I am transient, ephemeral; like all things.

The Mirror || Copper, Found Glass, Silk [Onion & Iron Dyed]
The Branch || Brass, Enamel [1010, P3], Mild Steel, Found Glass Lens
The Stars & The Hand || Bronze, Copper, Enamel [P3, 1010, Charcoal, Silver foil, Silver Shavings], Glass Sequins, Steel Pin & Wire
The Tree || Brass, Copper, Enamel [1010, P3], Steel Pin, Silver